Metal thermal transfer film: rich color can be transferred in the rapid prototyping

Issuing time:2022-07-21 09:50

With the continuous progress of science and technology, thermal transfer printing film also have to progress, after continuous development and experiment, and finally the production of a metal heat transfer film. This product and before the heat transfer printing film is very different.

The first metal thermal transfer printing film is different from other products in the printing area. This product through continuous heating and pressing need will need to transfer one picture is on the surface of the printing house, only one surface metal heat transfer film and aluminum plate so as to prove that the products printed successfully. While the heat transfer printing film in the printing time there is no such trouble. Only need some mold can be simple to complete.

The pattern of the second metal heat transfer film and the pattern of the heat transfer film are also different. The metal heat transfer film can be printed on some colorful complex patterns, can also print with a graded pattern, can satisfy the consumer demand in any pattern, we can clearly know the quality of the metal pattern of heat transfer film is qualified.

The third is the most important one is speed, when the metal heat transfer film on metal thermal transfer printing machine, not only the requirements of product layout, color rich, also want to transfer when the one-time molding. Can not have any mistakes, how a failure can not be carried out second times, so the production of metal heat transfer film specification data must be an error can not be used.

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