Development trend of heat transfer film

Issuing time:2022-07-21 09:52

Thermal transfer film production process technology to a deeper level of development, conventional thermal transfer film production process based on a representative to the deeper development. It appears to the market with better and higher quality heat transfer film, and quickly occupied the high-end market, such as the use of daily necessities, such as the use of transfer film in high-end cosmetics widely used!

Thermal transfer film decoration level to a higher degree of difficulty of development, is now providing a substrate surface transfer to different regions with different optical structure, so that the surface of the substrate is matte, a transfer film of light, is a representative of the heat transfer film market to a higher level in the direction of the decoration. Transfer of heat transfer film has a new development, the application of thermal transfer film to metal, glass products to promote the transfer of the new trend. It can be of glass products direct printing gravure printing graphic, solves the level of printing tiny dot screen printing, printing and other hard to reach the plastic. This method can make the baking temperature as low as 180 degrees Celsius, only 10 to 15 minutes, and improve the efficiency of the method.

Thermal transfer film development to today, the product gradually from a single to a diversified. Production technology of independent intellectual property rights, but also to promote the production of heat transfer film to a deeper level and more difficult development, the use of a wider range, with a number of significant features.

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