Asia Pacific (Vietnam) international printing and packaging industry exhibition May 2017

Issuing time:2022-07-21 09:52

Exhibition scope:

1, material: printing equipment and printing equipment, prepress equipment, printing equipment, printing materials, accessories and equipment. Digital printing and graphic printing equipment: high-speed digital printing equipment, digital printing equipment, graphic proofing plate equipment, binding equipment, printing paper, ink, etc..

2, paper packaging equipment: cutting machine, cartoning machine, carton box machine, printing machine, bag making machine, printing machine, bronzing machine, plastic printing machine, plastic packing machine, plastic equipment, cutting machine, laminating machine, polishing machine, mounted machine, binding machine, other binding equipment.

3, packing paper, special paper Exhibition: paper, cultural paper, various kinds of printing paper, paper, paper, composite information of molded pulp and paperboard, office paper, industrial paper, cardboard, printing and packaging industry specialty paper, specialty paper, all kinds of paper products, paper products, paper pulp, waste paper and other kinds of paper paper and paperboard, after processing, cutting, packaging, embossing machine.

4, advertising and digital printing equipment, photo equipment, UV printing plate printing equipment, textile digital inkjet printing systems, sublimation transfer printing system, printing equipment; textile printing ink, sublimation ink jet, thermal transfer paper, transfer film and other consumables. Advertising printing materials, equipment and materials, such as LED advertising logo.

5, screen printing equipment, printing equipment and materials transfer printing, silk printing auxiliary equipment accessories, printing ink, printing paste, printing and printing materials, chemical pigment, heat transfer equipment, digital imaging equipment etc..

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