Japanese printing and development of a new type of transfer film

Issuing time:2022-07-21 09:52

Japanese printing has developed a thin film "DNP super weather resistant hard coating transfer film" which can be transferred to the resin glass to improve wear resistance and weather resistance. The company will start in 2016, facing the railway vehicles, construction machinery, passenger cars and buses, sales of the use of the film resin glass.

The film has been used in the production of large Japanese printing in the production of residential building decoration materials, and the irradiation of electron beam to harden the coating resin. Due to the formation of high hardness coating, therefore, resin glass using the film as a general product with polycarbonate (PC) resin compared to surface abrasion resistance stronger, less UV Induced Discoloration and deterioration phenomenon. Although the original PC resin glass processing efficiency is excellent, but the weather resistance, hardness and not easy to damage but not glass.

In addition, the film can be transferred at the same time through the resin glass molding, and the processing cost can be reduced. Weight of only about 1/2 of glass, and have the same transparency with the glass, and impact resistance and security is also very good.

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