Analysis on the prospect of thermal transfer coating

Issuing time:2022-07-21 09:52

Three good to wall heat transfer Haoxiliantai

Cultural industry, is an important area of government development. Culture industry is not only the development potential of the foot, the market capacity is large, but also the country's key areas of support. Create soft power, shaping the international image and culture as the priority among priorities, wall painting as a cultural carrier, to beautify the city environment, improve government image and promote the new countryside, also plays an important role in building cultural wall. To this end, the government is vigorously developing and spare no effort to promote and support the cultural industry, to create a cultural and economic environment, the continuous introduction of various preferential measures, including the reduction of free tax, financing and other operators, support for cultural industries.

Wall heat transfer, the market showed a rapid growth trend

As mentioned earlier, the cultural industry and social development, economic development is directly proportional to, as part of the cultural industry, the wall painting market also showed a rapid growth trend, its development indicators, significantly more than other industries. Even the experts said that after the property is the most popular in today's industry. Big market, demand, high returns, the highest in the industry in the first place. Industry on the basis of enduring, the momentum of development of the A new force suddenly rises. low investment and high returns, the profit outlook, investors a great opportunity to usher in.

Consumption interest, causing people to pursue from the material to the pursuit of Art

Economic level of ascension, but also to promote the consumption of interest in the promotion, from the past simply the pursuit of food and clothing, wealth, stimulation, instead of the pursuit of taste, meaning. This change is also reflected in the demand of home decoration, people are no longer satisfied with the simple monochrome paint, but constantly improve the wall decoration, decorative board, marble, tile, wallpaper, liquid wallpaper, color coating, wall and other forms to beautify the wall art effect. At the same time, the rise of the wall in recent years, the wall is painted, everywhere. Visible people on Wall culture, wall art of the pursuit and desire.

Four areas, is the wall color strong demand

1, home improvement market - according to statistics, China's home decoration materials consumption per year to 30% of the rate increase, only a decorative material, to 2012 has reached one trillion yuan of scale. The resulting interior decoration industry has become a new hot point of consumption and economic growth, but also to bring great opportunities for entrepreneurs.

2, the equipment market, according to authoritative statistics data show: China public building a total area of about 5 billion square meters, commercial construction area of about 10 billion square meters, and with the rapid development of urban construction, the area is still rising public buildings in china. Such as schools, kindergartens, office buildings, hotels, beauty salon, photo studio, clothing stores, shopping malls, gyms, clubs, bars, cafes and entertainment venues...... Each space needs to be labeled "personalized tag" decoration, many public buildings contain a huge wealth of space!

3, the city wall of culture -- the city culture wall is the spirit construction of the public culture art. The creation of this art space involves every corner of the city, and it is an indelible cultural market. Stop the streets, a piece of content is not a unique wall painting, vivid to convey the city's historical and cultural characteristics and quality.

4, advertising decoration - the most popular, the most popular industry! For several years, China advertising decoration industry annual output amounted to billion yuan! A piece of ordinary advertisement cost more than and 10 yuan, the market price of up to hundreds of yuan; advertising promotional items printed every piece of printed cost only a few cents, a business profit will reach 1000 yuan; a common LED billboard hundreds of yuan profit....... Advertising production - a never-ending wealth of the field, who can seize the opportunity, who will be able to create wealth, change the fate of!

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