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Thermal transfer technology
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Heat transfer is also known as sublimation, portrait, landscape, wood, marble, relief and other designs, the use of thermal transfer ink printed on high precision paper (film), and the use of heat transfer equipment in a short period of time it is heated to the set temperature, make the transfer paper on the pattern and color fidelity to transfer to the a special process of aluminum material.

2.1 transfer paper

Transfer paper is mainly divided into two kinds, namely wood thermal transfer paper and PET thermal transfer film. These two kinds of materials are heated by sublimation and penetration principle to realize the transfer, but the two in the heat transfer by the use of transfer equipment and operation process is different, the use of PET thermal transfer film transfer efficiency, especially suitable for the transfer of complex shape shaped aluminum or aluminum.

2.2 heat transfer process

Aluminum heat transfer process is a less equipment investment, less operators, simple water transfer process than the high production efficiency and low cost. Thermal transfer process: substrate, wood thermal transfer paper or PET thermal transfer film wrapped, substrate heating transfer, surface cleaning, inspection and packaging.

2.2.1 thermal transfer printing paper

A process is suitable for large area and irregular substrate: have good aluminum coating for heat transfer, special glue will transfer paper and aluminum front face stickers, sent to the baking oven (180 DEG C, about 6min), tear off the thermal transfer paper, surface cleaning, get the aluminum grain transfer or stone.

Suitable for large area and irregular substrate process two: take good has been sprayed aluminum, positive thermal transfer paper and aluminum on the positive paste, high temperature tape paper with a small set of interface resistance, high temperature resistant PET plastic bags and plastic bags with fixed ends, vacuum pumping from both ends, sent to the baking oven (at 180 6min), remove the PET bags, tore the thermal transfer paper, clean surface, obtain the aluminum wood or stone texture transfer.

Applicable to all kinds of flat aluminum process three: aluminum has good spraying, positive thermal transfer paper and aluminum paste on the front, with a special heating plate heat transfer machine (at 180 20s), tore the thermal transfer paper, aluminum plate transfer is wood or stone.

2.2.2PET thermal transfer film process

The process is suitable for large area and special shaped aluminum. The process is as follows: aluminum has good spraying, positive PET thermal transfer film on the front and aluminum paste, aluminum package bag will be transferred, ultrasonic sealing machine PET transfer film sealed into the bag, the bag ends are not sealed, fixed PET thermal transfer film bag. The vacuum from the ends, sent to the baking oven (180 DEG C, about 6min), tear PET thermal transfer film, aluminum has obtained transfer grain or stone.

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